Thursday, October 8, 2009

Or an ACRL committee! Deadline December 1, 2009

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for service with ACRL. Our division committee volunteers are an integral part of the association who help shape the organization by advancing its strategic plan and influencing the direction of academic and research librarianship. Volunteering to work on a committee is one of the best ways to be involved and make an impact with your association.

Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe
ACRL President 2010-2011

Please review this information before filling out the online volunteer form (a link is provided at the bottom of this page).

Listing of ACRL Committees and their charges

Deadline: The online volunteer form must be completed by December 1, 2009 for consideration for 2010-11 appointments.

Process: The ACRL vice-president is responsible for committee appointments at the division level for the year he or she serves as president. The ACRL Appointments Committee assists the vice-president in an advisory capacity. Appointments to committees linked to a coordinating committee will be made by the chair of the coordinating committee.

For editorial/advisory boards, the editors recommend the names of individuals to fill vacancies. The Publications Committee must approve the recommendation, and the president of ACRL makes the appointment.

Appointments: Appointments will be finalized following the 2010 ALA Midwinter Meeting.

Requirements of appointment: Certain criteria must be met in order to serve on an ACRL committee. This includes:

* membership in ALA and ACRL
* submitting a signed appointments acceptance form to ACRL

Additionally, committee members should be aware of ACRL's Conflict of Interest Policy, which can be seen in the ACRL Guide to Policies and Procedures, chapter 12.3.

Rewards of volunteering: Volunteers benefit by:

* building ties with academic and research librarians around the country,
* enhancing their leadership abilities through consensus building and project management,
* sharing their experience with colleagues,
* gaining additional expertise about a new area of academic librarianship or updating expertise in a current specialization, and
* advancing the work of the association and the profession.

ACRL structural changes: In 2005, the ACRL Board of Directors identified structural changes to the association intended to coordinate the work of units throughout the organization, reduce duplicative efforts, and allow the organization to conduct work more quickly and effectively. One such structural change was to link committees that have similar or related missions under the umbrella of a coordinating committee. A list of the coordinating committees and the committees they oversee is provided below.

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